Short funny stories for students


Akpos asked a girl in a library

“Do you mind if I sit beside you”?

The girl answered with a loud voice; “I DON’T WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOU!!!”

All the students in the library started staring at Akpos and he was embarrassed.

After a couple of minutes, the girl walked quietly to the Akpos table and she told him “I study psychology and I know what a man is thinking, – I guess you felt embarrassed, right ?”

Akpos responded with a loud voice : “N10,000 JUST FOR ONE NIGHT! ? THAT’S TOO MUCH!!!”

And all the people in the library looked at the girl in shock and Akpos whispered in her ears; “I study Law and I know how to make someone feel guilty”



Mom : Come down it’s dinner time.

Me : In a few minutes.

Mom : NOW!!

Me : Ok


Me : Where’s dinner ?

Mom : It will be ready in 10 minutes!!



Akpos goes to the post office, buys an envelope and screams out loud into it and then seals it.

When the post office attendant asked him why he did that, he smiled and replied with a soft voice.



Once, Boss, Officer & Clerk going for a meeting. They saw a Jin.
Jin said: As i fulfill Three wishes at a time
But you are three persons so i will fulfill one wish for each.

Clerk said: Send me to America with a lot of money clerk disappears. (wish fulfilled)

Officer said: Send me to Paris with a lot of beautiful girls. officer disappears. (wish fulfilled)

Jin said to Boss: what is ur wish?

He said: “I want these two idiots back at office after lunch”



Father Wants To Go To Bed
Next-door Neighbor’s Little Boy : “Father say could you lend him your cassette player for tonight ?”
Heavy – Metal Enthusiast : “Have you a party on ?”
Little Boy : “Oh, no. Father only wants to go to bed “.